Maintenance Equipment Rental

We specialize in hard and soft surface cleaning and maintenance. We have all the necessary equipment and supplies for the cleaning and maintenance of concrete, vinyl composition tile, grouted tiles of all types, and carpet restoration and maintenance. Our equipment is maintained in house and will be ready for the task. We have daily, weekly and monthly rentals available as well as delivery and pick up services. Please call for rental pricing.


Hard Floor

Automatic floor scrubbers (SSS-1662, ADM-56601617)
Floor buffers/scrubbers (SSS-1665, SSS-1666)
Burnishers (ADM-01510A, SSS-1667)
Floor dryers (SSS-1670)
Wet/dry vacuums (SSS-1673)
Oscillating floor machines (SSS-1654)
Parking lot Sweepers (ADM-SW900)


Self Contained Extractors (ADM-5446012, ADM-5446016-1)
Heated extractors (ADM-56105313)
Carpet dryers (SSS-1670)
Bonnet cleaning (SSS-1665)